The Wine Therapist

The Wine Therapist is a wine merchant and tasting room concept located in Dallas. We created this “urban wine oasis” to enjoy good wine and good friends while getting away from the rigors of daily life in the urban jungle. Walk into the Wine Therapist and enjoy an adventure in wines from around the world. Whether you want ‘Vino to Go’ or have a glass of wine and relax, the Wine Therapist offers an urban wine education experience. At the Wine Therapist, wine is a lifestyle which emphasizes healthy living and the exploration of new flavors in a Napa-style tasting room environment.

"A Votre Sante, To Your Health!"

The Wine Therapist 

Phillip Nikpour - Founder and THE Wine Therapist

Phillip began his career by earning a bachelor's degree in Philosophy from SMU where he learned how the idea of democracy sprung out of wine-drinking parties called a Symposium. Later he earned a Master's in Health Education from TWU in Dallas. As a Health Educator and Personal Trainer in the late 90's, Phillip developed a vision synthesizing health, wine, and entertaining, to create The Wine Therapist. Volunteering at the Society of Wine Educators conferences and touring wine regions around the world gave Phillip insights about wine and life. At the Wine Therapist everyone is an expert with their own palate. This contemplation of taste can lead to a greater appreciation of "The Good Life" and lead to balancing work with leisure.

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Drink Responsibly

The Wine Therapist urges you to drink responsibly. If there is ever any doubt, call a friend, taxi (Cowboy Cab 214-428-0202) or one of the taxi apps like UBER or LYFT, which will pick you up and get you home safely.   Or call Tipsy Tow at 1-800-AAA-HELP (1-800-222-4357).  They'll bring you and your car home (within 10 miles of your pickup location).
The Wine Therapist complies with the rules set forth by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and id's anyone who appears to be under the age of 40.